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Embroidery Services

Amazing #luxury sports cars #ferrari vs lamborghini| sportcarsdedric.b...


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background to our page on script writing services? - tag line something like 'scripts don't write themselves'....even thought the letters seem to do so


No sew edge for fleece blankets

Easy Lipstick Recipe using CRAYONS! | DIY YES PLEASE!


LePlumeCo. offers Embroidery, Screen Printing, Designing, and Cut & Sew services for brands and companies. Email us for a quote at and check out our instagram: @Leplumeco


Multicoloured Rain Cloud Print

*NEW* from Showler and Showler is our Multicoloured Rain Cloud print.


Liu Wen featured in the Vogue China editorial "Classics Re-Presented" from February 2011 , showing Chanel

from The Badass BusinessMum

How to Price your Products and Services so you actually Make a Living

Welcome back to Week 1, Lesson 2 of From Business Idea to Business Beginning! This week is all about pricing your products or services so that you actually make money. By the end of the lesson you will have learned that pricing isn't just about covering your costs, why you need a variety of price points and how to work out your costs, how much to pay yourself and how to come up with a final selling price using the free 5-page 'Pricing for Profit' download (which you don't need to sign up to anything to get your hands on!) Every week, you get a check-list to track your progress - download the 'Week 1: Products and Pricing check-list' here.  Just in case you missed it - here is Lesson one: How to choose the right products and services for your online business And - to make sure you get the weekly free bonus lessons (which this week is a guide to using freebies, discounts and bonuses to wow your customers, including 50 ideas for you to use to do just that!) you need to be a member of The Badass BusinessMum's Club (> Pricing your products is really difficult. Do you want to know why? It’s because you undervalue yourself and what you do. So really the first battle to win in the ‘Pricing for Profit’ war is changing your mindset and appreciating how sh*t hot you are at what you do! So remember this - people want to buy your handmade bags / jewellery / soap / insert your own handmade creations here because they want something unique, that makes them feel unique and individual and they buy from you because they can’t make it and you can! People want to pay you to design their website because they want to look (and feel) professional and confident with their online space. And they don’t have the expertise and eye for design that you have! People want to buy an e-course off of you because they are confused and need direction and guidance. Yes, they may be able to gather the information themselves from other sources but they don’t know what’s good information and how to implement it properly. But you have the personal experience to show them what works and what doesn't and to be there to hold their hand when they need help. My point? Your customers are paying you to do or provide something they have a need for and can’t do on their own. What you are putting a price on is the value you are adding to their lives.


Beautiful Brazilian dimensional embroidery.