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What Happens When Mitt Romney's Campaign Plane Breaks Down?

Elton John I am not sure about the dress sense, but the music, awesome.


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Elton John born Reginald Kenneth Dwight 1947. Can see the little boy in Elton as an adult. @Sam Daisy via Te Quiero Rosa


John Lennon and Elton John --- They collaborated on an incredible song.... sang together ... it was great "Whatever Gets you Through The Night" --- Gotta admit, what a JOHN Lyric that was. (especially since Elton did all his famous work w/Bernie Taupin writing the words) ___ 1970s friends, hitmakers. John kinda bungled around * & quietly made hits w/BOWIE (Fame Fame Fame) and w/Nilsson Schmilsson --- Amazing work. All hush hush. Fabulous ! The 1970s collabs of Lennon. THAT would be a good…


Elton John - Tiny Dancer, the lyrics written by Bernie Taupin (EJ's writing partner) about his then girlfirend who was as the song says, the seamstress for the band. Brilliant number, one of EJ's best.


Bernie Taupin: 'Lyricist? I think of myself as a storyteller'

Bernie Taupin: 'Lyricist? I think of myself as a storyteller’ - Telegraph