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English with Scottish origin Potentially hungover from the weekend?

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Female Captains of Starfleet (And that would be Admiral Janeway now)

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That's a real knee slapper ((hue inside jokes))

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TheRetroInc on Etsy

Man-Thing vs. Deadpool p.s. Deadpool wins

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HAHAHAHAHA xD Say Elmer..... while you're at it.... we need some help over at Facebook

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Omg lol this is too awesome #thehungergames

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Marilyn Monroe in 1946. Love the plaid hunting shirt and matching cap, very stylish for the outdoors.

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Eridox Cloud Serpent! Blue dapple dachshund puppy!

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Elmer Fudd by momarkey on DeviantArt

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Metal Yard Sculptures | Hang on a minute, rusty old garden shears??? Are the boys taking the ...

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