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Arctic - Ellesmere Island - Hell Gate Channel [OC] [2248x1389] @tachyeonz

@JayDickmanPhoto. On the National Geographic “EPIC 80° N,Exploring Greenland, Baffin & Ellesmere Islands” Expedition, at Melville Bay in West Greenland. Photographing the incredible ice formations of icebergs was a great way to spend an afternoon. Olympus E-M1, 12-40mm f2.8 Pro lens. #thePhotoSociety, #NatGeoCreative

{ Best Trip Ever } • Recently I was in places that enter directly into the soul, like the colours of Greenland and the power of the cliffs of Ellesmere Island. #RCMemories @RitzCarlton #JourneysThatInspire

{ Tim to the Wild } • It's always inspiring travel with natural talents, as Tim is, even through powerful landscapes like these in Ellesmere Island. #travelwithquark

Photo by @paulnicklen - On Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, four-month-old polarbear cubs peek over their mother's back. For two to three years they will rely on her for food and protection against large male bears and the elements