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What’s the Secret Word on All of Ellen DeGeneres’s Shoe Designs?

Ellen DeGeneres's shoe collection has slip-ons, sandals and totally danceable sneakers...

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에킨 on

If I made a board for Ellen Degeneres' fanbase, what should I call it? And who who would want to join? Comment! :)

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I find Ellen such an inspiration because she has a big heart, is selfless and she is always helping out others and does so much for animals. She is an awesome person!!

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Suit Up: A Look at Ellen's Best Looks

With the Academy Awards quickly approaching, we take a look at Ellen Degeneres' best sartorial moments.

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benedict cumberbatch being trapped by ellen degeneres.

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I don't know what awards show this is from, but I'm glad someone else has picked up on how similar Panem is to our own world.

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17 Important Things That Ellen DeGeneres Taught You

You should be free to love anyone you want. | 17 Nuggets Of Wisdom You've Learned From Ellen DeGeneres

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This is great. I remember seeing this book in the store and trying to contain my laughter as I read the back.

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I wore size zero when I was smaller but that's cuz everything else was too big. As it is, I'm still not very high above that, like, at all.

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Ellen and Beyonce....Funny Funny Lady!! :) Watch her everyday

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