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Bewitched creator dies aged 100

Bewitched. LOVED Samantha and Esmeralda. Sing along... do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do du dun dun dun!


Elizabeth Fry. Prison reformer.  Born as Elizabeth Gurney in Norwich into a Quaker banking family. She first visited Newgate prison in 1813 and was appalled at the conditions of female prisoners. She campaigned and was influential in the introduction of the Prison Act of 1823. She is represented on the English £5 note.


Elizabeth I when a Princess | Royal Collection Trust Attributed to William Scrots (active 1537-53) artist. Provenance: Probably painted for Henry VIII. First recorded in 1547 inventory of Edward VI.


Elizabeth of York: a Tudor of rare talent and one of England’s best queens | History Extra


Hug for Queen Elizabeth's first corgi

young princess elizabeth - She has had Corgis throughout her life, and looking through pictures says a lot about how her pups set the standard for breeding. I have two Corgis from different breeders - one is compact and muscular, the other is long and large with huge ears!


{Queen Elizabeth's Wedding Cake, 1947} I hadn't been born yet (1949), but my aunts told me that because rationing was still in effect, women all over Britain donated their ration books for the cake, food and her dress!!


Diamond Jubilee: The Queen's Coronation film is shown for first time in 59 years

The Queen being crowned in 1953 Jesus, God the great I am. He wore a sac & sandals. They need all this? so stupid