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from Dark Elf Dice

Dark Heaven Legends (Wood Elf King 2934) 25mm Miniatures

Elf King_Berserk by B03DI #InspireArt - #Art #LoveArt

from Etsy

Elf King Latex Prosthetic Ears - Elven Link Cosplay LARP

from Etsy

Thranduil Drawing, Elvenking, Lee Pace, The Hobbit Art, Lord of The Rings, Original Hand Drawn Art, 8.5 x 11 in. Print, Ready To Ship

#ppt #pickingparadise Elven King Elf King Lee Pace as Thranduil Mirkwood by CatDKnits

“He’s an exquisite thing, but he’s wild and dangerous because of his wildness—not because he’s evil, because he’s wild … His understanding of love is different. It’s more profound. It’s deeper. His understanding of pain is more profound. He is tough and cold at heart like a diamond. But he is also sensitive … not a leaf moves in that forest that he doesn’t feel.” Lee Pace on Thranduil.