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Metallic Bonding: The Electron-Sea Model & Why Metals Are Good Electrical Conductors - Video & Lesson Transcript |

Glass 'sculpture' of Aulosphaera elegantissima, a single-celled eukaryote. Over a century and a half ago, two glass flower artists from Bohemia, Leopold Blaschka and his son Rudolph, began making models of animals and plants. By 1888 they had 700 pieces to offer museums and universities all over the world, study models that, according to Leopold, were “universally acknowledged as being perfectly true to nature”. 2013 © Guido Mocafico (Natural History Museum of Dublin, Ireland)

Tardigrades’ mouths contain sharp daggers. Though they may be little, they are fierce! The tardigrade’s mouth is a serious weapon, its dagger-like teeth used to spear algae and even other small animals.


Scanning electron micrograph of fertilization in the sea urchin. x700 (at 4x4"   Rights Managed Image Image No.BH1265 ArtistDavid M. Phillips   AgencyPR Science Model Release - NoProperty Release - No     Rate this image: Save to disk Print image Contact us Email image   Focus your search magnification magnified micrograph micrographs micrography microscopy reproduction science sea urchin sem Scanning electron micrograph of fertilization in the sea urchi

Arabidopsis Thaliana Stigma Copyright - Jürgen Berger / Heiko Schoof, Electron Microscopy Unit, Max Planck Institut