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MU:13 | My Sirius Ancient BlaCoptic Texts… AfrologicKali [EbonicKali = Phonetically] known as Her Hi:teKouroukan Fouga… Created by Us... Her Dogon Moors [Masons = Cosmic Architects] who established the O’riginAL Galactic Shadow Federation [SuperNaturAL Bla.eKKK] of ImmortAL Mandinka Klans under One Government [New MatriarchAL World Order] and outlined how it would operate and established the SuperNaturALaws [Allah = ALLaws = Motha’ Nature’s Laws = HER Cosmic Laws of Attraction] by which ALL…


ARTICLE OF INTEREST: Chronic fatigue sufferers getting the wrong treatment—thanks to a falsified study, 9.12.16

from The Telegraph

Modern life is killing our children: Cancer rate in young people up 40 per cent in 16 years

The jury is out on whether phones can cause cancer but scientist fear it could be contributing to a rise in cases

from Mail Online

Why men should NEVER put their phone in their pocket

STUDY ANALYSIS: 21 study review on wireless radiation shows phones kill and mutate sperm AND

from Mail Online

Train wheel uses MICROWAVES to zap away leaves on the tracks

ARTICLE OF INTEREST: New wheel technology uses MICROWAVES to zap away leaves on the track | 12th September 2016 [Nice. Remind me not to buy a house by a railway]