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Vintage Advertising Posters | Electrolux posters Art Deco


Electrolux, 1950s advertisement - OMG! I had one of these - heavy, difficult to maneuver, all those extra hoses & cleaning heads!

Mother had one of these. Vintage vacs are so cool and I remember how loud they were.

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In pictures: The US world's fairs

Our Electrolux outlived it's on/off button by many years. Having been hotwired so that turning it off was accomplished by pulling the plug out of the outlet.

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Colorful Vintage 1960 Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Advertising Illustration Print

Electrolux cannister vac - oh my gosh, Granny had one just like this at her house on Pea Ridge! I remember thinking it was such a treat when she'd let ME run the vacuum cleaner when she cleaned house - LOL


You've got to love that "It Empties Itself!" :) vintage 1950s vacuum ad homemaker cleaning. Upgrade now to an all new Miele Vacuum Cleaner today!

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Dry Cleaning Art Print by Eugenia Loli

Alles was stört, saugen wir weg!


Electrolux Vacuum. I remember when our neighbor was an Electrolux door-to-door salesman. He came over one evening, demonstrated all the things it could do. We bought one! Worked great!


A lovely multi-image illustration for Electrolux Vacuums from 1952. #vintage #1950s #ad #cleaning #homemaker