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Is this legit? Because if it is, I think that Britain has jumped a couple of spaces in my list of countries that we can make fun of. (Trust me, America's high on it)

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Something Everyone Should Think About

Great. What, exactly, do you want us to do about it? We can recycle, conserve electricity, but we don't control deforestation. I'm just one person, and I can't change anything.

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What Happens When Your Brain Doesn't Sleep? #infographic

You know that it’s bad to not get enough sleep, but do you know how bad? This infographic explains all the terrible side effects—like anger, cravings, and taking unnecessary risks—that can come from getting too little sleep every night. Good night...:-)

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“Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.” ~Napolean Bonaparte

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Electric Dude Deluxe Android Game - , Electric Dude Deluxe is a very intriguing and different electric problem. You are to create a whole structure of electrical energy and circuits. It is also accomplishable to have some entertaining, blazing insects that happen to come across.