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Disco in the Jungle: Electric Blue. Get your own #neon sign on

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Human pylons carry electricity across Iceland

Icelandic Power line stanchions. I wonder if there could be an equally imaginative wind farm equivalent?

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Electric Current, Electric Power, Electrical Voltage Electricity and Electric Charge

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Glow in The Dark Resin Inlaid Lichtenberg Figures Burned Into Reclaimed Wood

This display art was created by high voltage flowing through a piece of reclaimed wood. The electricity travels through the path of least resistance creating unique Lichtenberg Figures. Each piece is different and unpredictable. The wood burning process is quite exciting to watch! When electricity is applied to the piece of reclaimed wood you hear the buzz of the electrons trying to complete the circuit, and while this happens the surface of the wood comes to life with glowing paths creating…

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How To Save Electricity: 9 Hacks – Life at Home – Trulia Blog

Start using these hacks today to save big bucks! The average American spends $110 each month on their electric bill. But, it doesn't have to be that way. Getting a cheaper electricity bill is possible, especially if you use these 9 easy ideas. Click the link to see them all.

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Gypsy Fringe Sari Exotic Flag Garland By the Foot!! 2 to 8 feet in length

Gypsy Fringe All Sari Exotic Flag Garland By the Foot by ArtToGo More

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Cable Rating Table | Electrical Engineering Blog

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How to make a mini bonfire candle! These work really well adn all of the 7-10 year olds could do this

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YouTube: Lightscamerasylvie

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sometimes to have hope. one has to give themselves pain

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