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"love sick" made from a vintage electrical box, table legs, bicycle head lamp, pencil sharpener, windshield wiper arms, doorbell chimes, v8 engine rocker arms, hands made from a vacuum cleaner latch,


Multi-functional Electric Sharpener For Kitchen Knife/Knives/Scissors/Blades/Screw Drivers By KINGMEMORY

Wescott iPoint Evolution Electric Pencil Sharpener - Colors may vary, Black/Blue/White

Westcott iPoint is designed to allow for more usable desk space and a more natural sharpening experience. Featuring proprietary Titanium Blade technology: Titan


DIY Lightsaber Christmas Lights

Celebrate Star Wars The Force Awakens with your own Star Wars Lightsaber Christmas light set, perfect for your Christmas tree, Star Wars themed bedroom or Star Wars birthday parties!


Electric Sharpener Cobee Battery and USB Power Sharpener with 1 Free Sharper (white)

Reinforce music vocabulary (sharps and flats) through everyday tasks. Students are not allowed to use my electric pencil sharpener. If their lead breaks, they put the pencil in the flat can and get a new one from the sharp can.


Vintage Pencil Sharpner

Vintage Pencil Sharpener $15. I need to buy one. They sharpen so much better than the electric ones.


Pencil Sharpener, High Quality Electric & Battery Operated, Great for Office School & Kids From Imikas, The Best, Better Than Any Manual Pencil Sharpener, Sharpen Your Pencils Now Hassle Free!: Kitchen & Home

How to sharpen a colored pencil. This is life changing. Seriously. "On Prismacolor's website, they recommend "setting the pencils in a warm, sunny spot for a few minutes [which] can soften the wax-based colored pencils." Since the cores of Prismacolors are wax-based, the heat will soften the wax core and cause the broken pieces to fuse"


A pencil sharpener that recycles shavings into erasers, a simple concept that I adore indeed. This gets me thinking what else can be made from the waste of products we use, more to think on later...


Electric knife sharpener! Expensive but sounds like it actually works...