NASA report indicates even more powerful Solar Maximum ( Cycle 24 ) solar flares that will ruin at-least 350 major electricity distribution transformers disrupting electricity and communication service to over 130,000,000 million people in the USA alone. Report:

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Bare Conductive Paint Pen: Electric paint. Nontoxic, solvent free and water soluble. You, your child can use it to draw circuits, solder components even do repairs. The pen creates a "liquid wire" that will conduct electricity from your power source to a circuit. Works on traditional electronics, plastic, paper, cardboard even textiles and is compatible with conductive thread, PCBs & microcontrollers such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and FLORA. Conductive when dry. Comes off with soap and water.

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1000' 10-2 10/2 Solid Metal Clad MC Cable ALum Clad by Southwire. $1100.00. Applications Southwire Armorlite ® Type MC Cable is suitable for use as follows: ? Branch, feeder and service power distribution in commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-residential buildings. ? Power, lighting, control, and signal circuits. ? Fished or embedded in plaster. ? Concealed or exposed installations. ? Environmental air-handling spaces per NEC 300.22 (C). ? ...

Our highly trained field testing engineers and technicians offer you power system studies and complete engineering and testing services for acceptance, maintenance, retrofit and #electrical power distribution system and equipment repair.

Electric Power Distribution Engineering, Third Edition pdf download ==>

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Control and Automation of Electrical Power Distribution Systems; James Northcote-Green Robert G. Wilson James Northcote-Green Robert G. Wilson; Hardback

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