Technically, it's a moped. Caterham Brutus 750 Carbon E Bike. / Profundidade / A imagem esta numa perspectiva de baixo para cima, isto ajuda a ter uma noção de profundidade.

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Rugged, street-legal, and eco-friendly, the Beast Off-Road Scooter blends a surprising mix of features into a versatile vehicle. An electric motor (or two) propels the bike to speeds of up to 30 miles an hour, and is powered by a rechargeable battery pack that can draw juice from a wall outlet, from the kinetic energy created by pedalling, or from the integrated solar panel. It also has a strong steel frame, a powerful headlight, USB ports for charging gadgets, and knobby 21" tires that…

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Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter - Teale - Browse our latest scooter accessories and scooter parts

((Build your own HUB MOTOR)) -- Hub motors put the power inside of the wheel. [Teamtestbot] goes deep into the hows and whys of building these motors, from parts, to windings, to the math behind the power ratios. The working example puts an electric motor inside the rear wheel of a Razor scooter.

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24 Volt 500 Watt Electric Motor with 11 Tooth #25 Chain Sprocket (MY1020) - Monster Scooter Parts

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