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How to Make Electric Lemonade

pour vodka over ice-filled glass. you might want to increase the quantity of vodka if you're using a non-alcoholic blue curaçao. add the blue curaçao. pour in the lemon juice.


Make it at Home: Electric Lemonade 1 oz Midori, 1 oz vodka, 2 oz sour mix or margarita mix Will be drinking there soon :)


Lemon curd and pistachio meringue roulade

This is a great chilled dessert to feed a crowd, and impress them too. Often egg yolks are left over after making meringue, but here they’re used to make lemon curd and to give a luxurious filling. This recipe makes more lemon curd than you need to fill the roulade. The extra can be stored in a jar, and given as a homemade Easter present. Equipment: You will need an electric mixer.


Electric Lemonade A sweet and refreshing summertime cocktail… Ingredients 1 1/2 oz vodka 1/2 oz blue curacao 2 oz lemon juice ice cubes 7up to top 1/2 oz sugar syrup . Preparation Add the ingredients in a Collins glass with ice. Fill with 7up. Serve and enjoy! L’articolo Electric Lemonade sembra essere il primo su Out 4 […] Continue reading... The post Electric Lemonade appeared first on All The Food That's Fit To Eat .


Electric Lemonade

Electric Lemonade {1 1/2 oz. Vodka or Rum, 1/2 oz. Blue Curacao, 2 oz. Sweet and Sour Mix, 7-Up or Sprite, and a Lemon Slice} this stuff is so good


Electric Lemonade Recipe Video

Cocktail: Electric Lemonade

Sharing a fun cocktail with you to celebrate #NationalVodkaDay with this Electric Lemonade featuring Smirnoff Sours Lemon Berry