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Electric Grills And Skillets

Le Creuset ® Signature 10" Cream Skillet

Le Creuset® Cream Skillet in Enamel Cookware | Crate and Barrel-Will take all of this please! Whole set is approx. 1309.00


Sunbeam Frypan --these are fun, of course, but in being able to set the little dial at 350 degrees, it turns out to be about the best pan I have ever used to make shallow-fried chicken.


How to Cook With an Electric Skillet

This could be a game changer for roo. Just use a car converter!! Grill chz, eggs, burgers, anything...and mom has one!!! More


Elite Nonstick 12-inch Electric Skillet

Every kitchen needs a versatile electric skillet. Nonstick skillet provides supreme cooking power for stir fry, grilling, and even roasting Skillet offers convenient cool-touch handles and knobs for e

Black non-stick contact grill home #kitchen #small appliances indoor #cooking fix, View more on the LINK:

Hamilton Beach Electric Griddle- 38515

Another staple in my kitchen. Pancakes, grilled cheese, Breakfast Jacks....Hamilton Beach Electric Griddle.

Triangle Burritos. Fill with your choice of filling (not too full) I grilled mine on a griddle on my electric stove set on 7. It's not as messy for kids because it's grilled and what kid wouldn't want to eat a triangle?


21 Things That Will Make Cooking And Prepping Vegetables So Much Easier

An easily portable electric grill that can be used on your kitchen countertop for perfectly smoky vegetables.