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The BMW i Pedelec Concept is designed specifically to match the i3 Concept car launched in September last year, and two of them will fit side by side in its boot. It collapses enough to be wheeled onto public transport and is still slow enough (25 kilometres per hour) not to require a license or insurance.


Wired Top 5 Electric Bikes. The YikeBike is a world's first in design, application & technology. Weighing just 11.5kg the YikeBike is the smallest folding electric bike in the world. With the ability to fold up or unfold in just 15 seconds and travel at 23km/hr you will never have to worry about getting to that meeting across town again.


Brompton Back-Pack (I should find a way to carry easily my folded bike on the stairs.. maybe a simple carrying sling?)

from Cool Hunting

Stromer Electric Bicycle

Public bikes have recently presented a range of e-bikes, including the Stromer Elite (featured here). The Stromer Elite is one of the fastest, sportiest electric bikes available, it has a range of 30 to 45 miles with pedal assist, a top speed