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Remember my mum using these on dinner party nights!! She used them on me once or twice and they really hurt!!


"Poor girl" Lana Bantry made her fortune when she discovered electric curlers and introduced them to women everywhere.


.....When the black dot turned red you were good to go. They had their own distinctive smell


oh the memories......and do you remember how they smelled when they were heating up?


Polaroids on the set of Blade Runner (Ridley Scott, 1982)

from eBay

Vintage 1960's general electric home pink hair dryer

The hair dryer with the bag & the hose & the really distinct smell that i loved to smell.

from Etsy

Clairol Kindness Instant Hairsetter

1970... had to get that Farrah Faucet look somehow... These were the trick or as close as a country girl cold get...

from Poshmark

Electric Curlers

Electric Curlers I bought this and was excited to use it. I opened it and tried curl my hair, but it didn't work out. I tried 2x, so this is pretty much new. Plus it works. CONAIR Accessories Hair Accessories

From Seventeen, May 1970. With model/actress Susan Blakely.