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Election Status

This portrait of John Campbell is an important early depiction of Highland dress. The elaborate costume and landscape background indicate the status of the young sitter, who was heir to one of the great Highland families, the Campbells of Glenorchy. John Campbell was born in London and educated in Oxford. From 1720 until 1729 he was a diplomat at the Danish court in Copenhagen and in 1731 he became ambassador to Russia. Campbell was also an elected MP. He succeeded his father as Earl of…

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Jeremy for PM on

The amazing Maxine Peake backs Jeremy Corbyn, "the only beacon of hope to get Labour back on track" #JezWeCan

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Celebrating Margaret Thatcher’s Death: Is it right or wrong?

Bobby Sands aged 27, died on May 5 1981 at Longkesh prison in the North of Ireland, on day 66 of his hunger strike. ps Only after the 10 men had died, did maggie thatcher give them their demands.....


Is this recent Donald Trump election victory a one off thing, or is there something much larger going on? Why are the people angry and voting against the status quo?