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Election News Today

Feb 27, 2013 - "No Love for Obama in Newport News, VA - The news of Nerobama's visit to Newport News, VA, today to grandstand on the issue of sequestration, wasn't well received by skilled workers and other citizens of that city, who are suffering as a result of the Administration's murderous policies."

from BBC News

Labour leadership: Corbyn appeals for unity after re-election

Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn defeats Owen Smith - BBC News

Top News: "USA: Clinton vs. Trump: If The Election Were Held Today" - - Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump battle for White House. See the election winning scenarios for Trump and Clinton. on Politicoscope -

Top News: "USA: What Happens If Hillary Clinton Drops Out Of 2016 Election?" - - Were Hillary Clinton to decide to step down, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders would be the likely names linked to the vacancy. on Politicoscope -

Corbyn's reelection met with scenes of ecstatic jubilation -- There were scenes of unprecedented jubilation at the news of the corduroy communist Corbyn’s reelection at Downing Street today. A spokes-Sloan for the Tory Party told us; “This is a great day for democracy and for the Tory Party. We expect it’s going to take Jeremy a decade to... -- #Celebration, #Corbyn, #Election --

Top News: "GABON: Government Shuts Down Internet" - - Bongo reiterated his distress about the election riots. “Democracy doesn’t sit well with self-proclaimed victory, with groups formed to cause destruction,” on Politicoscope -

Top News: "UK: Billionaire Peter Coates Stops Donating To Labour, Says Corbyn Can't Win Election" - - "I'd like to see a modern Labour Party that produces good policies that will be good for the country and get electoral support," said Peter Coates. on Politicoscope -

Top News: "AUSTRALIA: Stuart Robert Donations Scandal Takes Center Stage" - - Robert has admitted his Fadden Forum – a fundraising arm of the Queensland Liberal National Party – was used to secretly bankroll two candidates with $60,000 to run in the March Gold Coast City Council election. on Politicoscope -

from BBC News

China warns Hong Kong democracy activists after election

China has warned that anyone advocating for Hong Kong's independence could be punished state media say

Trump Faces Backlash Over Larry King Interview on Russia-Backed TV Network -