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Facebook Twitter Google+ UPDATED: 306 Donald Trump This wasn’t a squeaker, this wasn’t even close. It was a blowout. That’s a whole lot of deplorables. The voiceless had their day. Today, America is great again. #AGA Source: NY Times. All states: The Washington Post eats crow: Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States...


This has been a super few days. How good it is in this day and age to have something that restores ones faith in humanity.

from the Guardian

The explanation for October's clown sighting hysteria is staring us in the face


The horrors of Day 1 in post-election America are a worrying taste of things to come . WARNING: This piece contains material which readers may find offensive. The purpose of sharing it is simply to convey more accurately what is going on in post-election America. November 11 2016 #blacklivesmatter #StopRacism #endIslamaphobia #dumptrump