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Ejb Interview Questions

PHP programming language is one of the most common and most popular languages used for creating dynamic websites or web portals. PHP is a flexible language that offers you comprehensive feature of coding. In our free PHP tutorial, we will explain you about the topics related to basic programming in PHP that will be very helpful for PHP beginners.


Please find EJB interview questions and answers in below link

In our Hibernate video tutorial section you will learn step by step process and how to create program utilizing annotations in Hibernate 4 with examples. In Hibernate 4 there are some new features that how to make application using the popular ORM framework. For that developers used the eclipse IDE in Hibernate.

In this tutorial section you will Learn Hibernate with the easy to learn Video Tutorials. Its very easy to learn Hibernate. These tutorials can be used as the online training material, which is very useful in learning the Hibernate.

In this Java Tutorial section we explains you what is fields and methods in Java. The Fields or variables of class and Methods of a class are important while writing the Java classes. Fields can be private, protected and public.

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In this java tutorial chapter we explain you how to create a line drawing using java programming language. In this java program we demonstrate how to make the stroke line i.e. how to create thick and thin line. For this we have used BasicStroke class. This object is passed to the setStroke() method. Get java code and example for more details.

In this java tutorial we are going to discuss on how to pass values from one form to another form using JSP. At the time of developing an application the programmers require to pass some value to many pages in the application. Take an example of shopping cart apps the developer wants that once the user have logged in the forms his name should be displayed in various pages of the application till he log out from it. So, go through the examples of this articles for your better understanding.