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Lucky Eho Maki (Salmon Avocado Alasca Futomaki Sushi Roll) Recipe 福を呼ぶ恵方巻き レシピ FOR SETSUBUN! feb. 3rd ^_^


Eho maki

レシピとお料理がひらめくSnapDish - 15件のもぐもぐ - "Eho maki" by Moe

During the beginning of February, Japan celebrates a ceremony called “Setsubun.” This ceremony is to signal the coming of Spring. These uncut sushi rolls, called “eho-maki” are usually eaten during Setsubun in silence while facing the “lucky direction” of the year. The rolls are said to bring good luck to the person who eats it for the coming year.

Eho-maki - fortune Sushi roll (Japan) - Sutsubun (day before Spring) - February 3 or 4