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Colossal green magnesite-containing rock shawabty of King Taharqa. Nubian. Napatan Period. Reign of Taharqa. 690–664 B.C. | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Anubis,Egyptian God of the Dead guarding the Chest. Found in Tutankhamun's tomb. He was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty (ruled ca. 1332 BC – 1323 BC in the conventional chronology), during the period of Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom. He is popularly referred to as King Tut.


The most mysterious sarcophagus in the Museum of Cairo, it is believed to be the coffin of the long-searched for Akenaten. It has a commoner's wig, but has been fitted with a beard and uraeus (strong indication of a royal). Found in January 1907 in tomb 55 by Theodore Davis and Edward R. Ayrton, the names on the sarcophagus have been erased. Click to read more...


Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics | Egypt – 2 Cities, 2 Ladies, 2 Waterways – Part 2 « Kashif Ali ...

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The birth of travel photography: Amazing pictures of Ancient Egypt

Freize from the temple at Dendera in High Egypt is one of the scenes photographed by Du Camp, which made him an overnight celebrity on their release