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Nefertiti, wife of Akhenaton. The sculpture was made by the famous sculptor Thutmose and was found in his workshop. Country of Origin: Egypt. Culture: Ancient Egyptian. Date/Period: Amarna period c.1373-1357 BC. Nefertity was often called the ''most beutiful women in the world''

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The Rosetta Stone - British Museum - without the discovery of this, hieroglyphics would never have been translated.

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Chapter 2 Part 2 Eye makeup in Egyptian culture was worn mainly by royalty and leaders. Eyes were thought to protect against illness and were a part of their spiritual beliefs.

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Dismantling the White Matrix Still Controlling the Original Man’s Mind: How Not to Count by Ones; It starts with your new relationship with Ra. “How long have I been with thee & ye not known I was there.”

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Canopic Jar w/ Head of Duamutef -- Circa 1295-1185 -- Egypt, Dynasty 19 -- Faience -- The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Selection of Scarabs, First Intermediate Period (c.2150-2007 BC) to Late Period (664-337BC) Ancient Egyptian (faience, red & green jasper & ...

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King Tutankhamun's chariot (not a replica) at the Cairo Museum... --- I watched a documentary where I saw them build two of these from scratch--- very awesome!!!

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