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The smile that lasted 3,000 years - King Tut's mummy goes on display for first time

King Tut Sarcophagus | The smile that lasted 3,000 years - King Tuts mummy goes on display. The Pharaoh ruled until the age of 19, when he died.


Mummy by funart4kids: These simple, bendable structures took only 2 - 40 minutes to create. Use them for a Human Form and Proportion Unit, or as a fun craft for Halloween!


Mummy of Hornedjitef (inner coffin) From Thebes, Egypt, Early Ptolemaic Period, 3rd century BC The mummy of Hornedjitef was encased in a gilded cartonnage mask and cover, and two anthropoid (human-shaped) wooden coffins. The coffins follow traditional Egyptian funerary practice in form and decoration.

from Mail Online

Downstairs at Downton: Tutankhamun exhibition goes on show at Highclere Castle

From Tutankhamun's Tomb - The grave of Tutankhamun's mummy removed except those on display in the Cairo Museum.