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Really like the exposed teeth and the muscle texture and how it all contrasts with the other side of the face.

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Halloween Makeup Ideas For Creepiest Halloween 2015

Costume: This corrupted look is really nice, and could be used on Lady M and Mac throughout the play as they turn more vile

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Surprising Effects Of Kindness

**Innocent- The problem here, of course, is who is, or is not, defined as "innocent". There is a very fine line between justice, and merely satisfying a thirst for revenge. In a vengeful situation, any scapegoat will do, while the real culprit either escapes, or is spared....huge problem.

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30 Days of Night (2007)

The film is really good and well made, making good use of different camera angles. Regular filming from above giving a really interesting shot angle. The make up and facial changes and blood, special effects were very well done, adding on fake teeth and eyes. Make for a lot more realistic characters.

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"My friend's husband died in 9/11. Someone tried to console her by saying, "We'll get those filthy Muslims for this." Her husband was Muslim. And you know what's Ironic? She was pregnant at the time, and today her son is called a 'terrorist' at school because he is brown." ~ Feminism Vibes

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War of the Worlds (2005)

The typeface along with the silhouette of the people and machine makes the poster feel very dark and has sort of a bloody scary film.

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Great prostetic to give the effect of rotting flesh, blood round the mouth to give the impression she has been eating flesh.

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