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Edward Lear

Anodorhynchus leari, by Edward Lear. An painting by Edward Lear of a Lear's Macaw, which he had originally mistakenly described as a Hyacinth Macaw (before Lear's Macaw had been identified as a separate species)


Ara_ararauna_-Macrocercus_ararauna_Blue_&_yellow_Maccaw_-by_Edward_Lear_1812-1888.jpg (2645×4213)

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The Owl and the Pussycat (print)

the Owl and the Pussycat print by studiorayyan [Omar Rayyan ☆ fairy tale & fantasy art] on Etsy


I don't think I've read this book as a child but i think the choice of colours on the cover stand out and they have a pattern sequence too, just using 3-4 colours makes it look good.