Where would you like to go on holiday? Now you can go anywhere you like with our blank boarding pass template. Great for lessons relating to travel.

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http://www.largesttoystore.com/category/pack-and-play/ Travel Agents role play. Really good way to think about money/exchanges/holidays etc. Useful for Geography.

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How to Stand Out in a Competitive Market | WeddingWire EDU BlogWeddingWire EDU Blog
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Our travel agents/airport role play area. Early years classroom, around the world, places!

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Fun science experiment for kids: Dusting for Fingerprints http://www.connectionsacademy.com/blog/posts/2013-01-04/Do-Your-Own-Detective-Work-by-Dusting-for-Fingerprints.aspx

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“In Japan, there are many rules, so don’t forget your manners when traveling there." | #travel #traveltips #japan

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