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Fanart of one of my favorite games of all time - The binding of Isaac: Rebirth Heil Edmund McMillen! Print available on Redbubble!…


Meet Team Meats Edmund McMillen the risktaker atthe heart of the indie revolution - Super Meat Boy launched on Xbox Live Arcade some 18 months before the award-winning Sundance documentary Indie Game: The Movie supercharged the profile of its artist and designer,


Magazine - Preview: October Halloween issue curated by Alex Pardee featuring Sam Kieth & Nychos

In what is becoming an annual celebration on the Juxtapoz calendar, October is our special Halloween issue. And this year, we have asked Alex Pardee to curate every page. Kicking off with a very special, custom cover, Alex invited Nychos, Sam Kieth, Jon Way$hack, Allison Sommers, Edmund McMillen, Dave Correia, Jhonen Vasquez, Skinner, L'Amour Supreme, Chloe Rice...

The Binding of Isaac has been one of the most popular flash games for a long period of time. Many fans have waited for this moment as Edmund McMillen the Co-CEO of Team Meat has finally revealed the official Trailer along with the release date.