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Eddie Redmayne Gay

RE- PIN BY BETHANY: Eddie Redmayne - a maybe to play one of the three nephews Jim Kirk is said to have (official Canon) - when the three are older, of course. Only one is ever named & seen - Peter, who stars in the Novel Sarek by Ann C. Crispin

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After Eddie Redmayne’s film portrayal we test if five men can pass as fairer sex?

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45 Eddie Redmaynes You Need To See Right Now

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Best Hollywood Actors 2015: Amy Schumer, Brie Larson


morgan-leigh: febricant: Balem Abrasax → Jupiter Ascending costume lookbook Okay. Okay you all need to know something. I am going to see the hell out of this movie. I am going to watch it on opening night and cackle with gleeful abandon. Gay Bondage Space Wizard villain? Sign me up. Half-man-half-wolfthing Channing Tatum as the Spaceman Antihero? Put it in my eyeballs. Mila Kunis as some kind of Unknowing Space Princess/Janitor? Express it directly to my brain. I see you judging me, but…

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7 Surprising Style Lessons From Male Celebrities

Eddie Redmayne wears a button-down shirt, knit cardigan, blue pants, and desert boots