People love this interview of Ed Miliband, which gave him the opportunity to discuss his ordinary life, from his music taste to whether or not he has a Blue Peter badge. | Ed Miliband Was Asked About His Ordinary Life And Everyone's Going Crazy For It

The undoing of Ed Miliband – and how Labour lost the election | Patrick Wintour | Politics | The Guardian

Shock results deliver Tories overall Commons majority and claim leadership scalps of Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage. Our political team guides you through the fallout

David Axelrod says Conservatives have underestimated Labour leader and are losing momentum as general election approaches

"Ed Miliband is under increasing pressure to back an in/out referendum on Britain’s EU membership, after a survey commissioned by British Future showed more Labour supporters are in favour of a vote on Europe than against it, and an in/out referendum is the only way to help Labour regain public trust on immigration"

Ed Miliband meets shoppers in Asda Queensferry on Saturday on the campaign trail

Thanks to the internet and @GeneralBoles there was only way this was going to go, especially when Ed met Harry and Sally. | Ed Miliband Ate A Bacon Sandwich And Accidentally Created A Meme

'Ed Miliband and union reform: fightback or farce? (Part one)' by Dr Mark Garnett (Politics, Philosophy and Religion)

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