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from the Guardian

Recommit to women's liberation

'Recommit to women's liberation', The Guardian (Comment is Free blog), 8 March 2010 [caption: Marking International Womens Day 1975, the feminist magazine Spare Rib reported: '4,000 women marched through London's East End.' Photograph: Red Women's Workshop]


Top News: "ARGENTINA: Workers Protest Against Mauricio Macri Economic Policy" - - “There is nothing more democratic than the workers fighting for their rights,” said Daniel Catalano, secretary general of the ATE Capital union. on Politicoscope -

from The Telegraph

UN human rights office accused of 'bizarre' behaviour after condemning the 'free market'

The United Nations human rights office has been accused of “

The Women’s Library @ LSE (London School of Economics) digital collections include a representative selection of the personal, political, and economic struggles that have symbolized women’s battle for equality over the past 500 years. The collection includes pamphlets, magazines, journals, documents, photographs, postcards, and books.


Ownership Economics :: <P>This book presents the first full-length explanation in English of Heinsohn and Steiger's groundbreaking theory of money and interest, which emphasizes the role played by private property rights.</P> <P></P> <P>Ownership economics gives an alternative explanation of money and interest, proposing that operations enabled by property lead to interest and money, rather than exchange of goods. Like any other approach, it has to answer economic theory's core que...

Negotiating Territoriality :: This edited collection disrupts dominant narratives about space, states, and borders, bringing comparative ethnographic and geographic scholarship in conversation with one another to illuminate the varied ways in which space becomes socialized via political, economic, and cognitive appropriation. Societies must, first and foremost, do more than wrangle over ownership and land rights — they must dwell in space. Yet, historically the interactions between...

The Rhetoric of the Right :: <P>This study seeks to demonstrate the subtle ways in which changes in the language associated with economic issues are reflective of a gradual but quantifiable conservative ideological shift.</P> <P>In this rigorous analysis, David George uses as his data a century of word usage within <EM>The New York Times</EM>, starting in 1900. It is not always obvious how the changes identified necessarily reflect a stronger prejudice toward laissez-faire free mar...

What are nutrients? resources suitable for Stage 4 and 5 Food Technology, loads of activities, loads of worksheets, wonderful graphics.