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Eclectic Path Lights

Eglo - Lampadaire extérieur Lorena

Lorena est un lampadaire extérieur conçu par la marque Eglo. Le lampadaire extérieur Lorena est composé d'un diffuseur de lumière en verre blanc et d'une structure en acier brun antique.

DIY: No-Sew Sachets

In rural England during the 1700's, women placed bay leaves under their pillows on Valentine's Eve in hopes of dreaming of future husbands. Women should wear a clean nightgown turned inside out, lie down, and pray, "Good Valentine, be kind to me. In dreams, let me my true love see." Create your own sachet, fill with bay leaves & give to a single friend with a note describing the tradition.


Flourish - Fine Silver Pendant / Labradorite by Rodi Frunze. This wonderful handmade .999 fine silver pendant produces a dramatic statement with its’ amazing Labradorite gemstone. This gemstone produces a gradient of green, to gold, to blue flashes depending on the viewing angle. When you’re by my side, the sun feels warmer. When you’re in my arms, the moon lights our path. When you’re in my heart, we “Flourish”! - Styve

Penisola is the new shower box antoniolupi created to allow the optimal organization of the space. Born to subdivide the sanitaries area from the wellness area of the bath, Penisola can enjoy different uses as eclectic and versatile. The glass separates the rooms, but does not preclude the visual space, the glass allows light to filter and to the glass goes the task of defining the scope of the scene, to preside over in silence the natural vertical path of the water.