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Eclectic Graters

`Vintage, quirky and very now . . . use old cutlery to line the rim of a lampshade base. Drill a small hole in the handle and thread wire through and onto the shade base to secure in place.

from iD Lights

Rustic Recycled Cheese Grater and Colander Table Lamp

Rustic Recycled Cheese Grater and Colander Countertop Lamp Light #RecycledLamp #DeskLamp #DIY @idlights

using old cheese graters as lanterns to light a walk way is actually a really cute idea.. especially since the really vintage and rustic ones look like little torture devices...


Upcycled Cheese Grater Lamps

Upcycled Cheese Grater Lamps - These DIY Illuminators are Inspired from the Series That 70s Show (GALLERY)

from Etsy

Ambi the Hedgehog plug in sconce or table lamp

from Etsy

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