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Custom Floating Knife Block - contemporary - knives and chopping boards - austin - Kitchens by Bell, LLC

FX BONE HANDLE LOCKBACK KNIFE $35.95 USD This decorative knife is an eclectic, intruiging piece perfect for a den or a desk. The majestic imagery of wolves on a rocky terrain will make observers take notice. Features stainless steel blade with wolf artwork and faux bone handle. Also includes faux bone display stand. Measures 4-1/8" closed, 7" open. Limited lifetime warranty. Boxed.

I lost a complete acct due to them policing my secret boards...This is my second acct. I just lost a COMPLETE SECRET board for one pin.

T. Rex tooth. Class Sauropsida, Superorder Dinosauria, Order Ornithischia, Suborder Theropoda, Family Tyrannosauridae

Antique Fish Carving Knife and Fork with Lighthouse Image and Bone Handle In…

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