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8 Must-Have Tips for Listing Items on eBay! Sell your old clothes and make money.

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Product listings that sell

Having a good product doesn't mean that you will have many sales. Learn how to create product listings that sell in five simple steps.

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7 Tips to Making a Living on eBay

eBay selling tips from a single mom making it big


We see a lot of ebay sellers at so we're always looking for tips to help them with their business What to Sell on eBay and Where to Get It: The Definitive Guide to Product Sourcing for eBay and Beyond

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The Etsy Journals

Why would you want to run more than one shop on Etsy? What will it do for your business? See why most successful sellers run multiple shops. Get the top 5 best Etsy alternatives and start expanding today. Click to read more. Check out all the best tips and tricks for eBay sellers on The best eBay blog on the net for BOLO lists, eBay How-To Guides, and more!

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How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell on attention-getting... – Small Business Marketing Tips ..j

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Make Real Money From Home Selling on eBay

Today's post is an interview with Ann Eckhart of See Ann Save. Ann has been selling successfully on eBay for about ten years now and it has worked out well for her. I've sold several things on eBay and I'm sure many of you have, too. I did make some money, but it was never anything I did full-time. Still, one of the best things about selling on eBay is that anyone can do it and make money if they really try.

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6 tips for maximizing ebay profits

6 tips for maximizing ebay profits. The tips for shipping and photography are worth the read.

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The Etsy Journals

Imagine this: Your Etsy shop is getting HUNDREDS of hits per day via Pinterest, and the people who click through are EXCITED about your product. They’re ready to buy. Some studies are beginning to show that people are willing to pay MORE for items found on Pinterest than any other social network…So you’re sitting pretty. Click to learn how to do it!