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Alignment: I think this poster of the different colored dragons from role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder demonstrates alignment well. The text lines up such that it is easy to see to which dragon it belongs and is kept to the outside edge of the poster, while the dragons themselves take center stage (as it should be). Also, the left side is made up of the metallic or good dragons and the right side are the chromatic or evil dragons.

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What's sad is that it's insanely easy to identify them just by their eyes. That's when you know this fandom has spent FAR too long staring at pictures of them!

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How to Draw Coastlines on a Fantasy Map

Quick tutorial on coastlines. It's easy to stop at step 1, but with only a little extra work you can get something that looks really good. #fantasy #map #tutorial #fantasticmaps

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