Struffoli are fried dough balls that are covered in honey and sprinkles, all served in a mound. These festive honey balls are an Italian Christmas staple.

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Cannoli Poke Cake Recipe. All you do is start with a boxed white cake, poke those holes, and smother it with condensed milk, sweetened creamy cannoli filling! This is not just a cake-it’s dessert nirvana. #mascarpone

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Cannoli for everyone! This party-sized poke cake has all the flavor of one of your favorite Italian desserts – the cannoli. And since it starts with a box of cake mix, you know it’s going to be easy!

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Italian Zabaglione with Biscotti Crumble is a great dessert recipe for a dinner party, as you can make it ahead and it's quick to whip up! |

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Torrone, the classic Italian nougat, is easy to make at home! Learn how to make it with this honey-almond Torrone recipe.

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Easy Tiramisu Dip! A decadent dip that tastes just like a tiramisu dessert but made in a fraction of the time. All the taste without all the trouble! |

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