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East Garrison

A treasure of 51 Macedonian gold coins (and a necklace) hidden inside a cavity in the rock in Ancient Corinth. The coins of Philipp II come from Pella and Amphipolis in Macedonia, while those of Alexander III (the Great) from Amphipolis, from Miletus and Tarsus in Asia Minor, Salamis in Cyprus and Sidon in Phoenicia. The treasure trove was hidden sometime after 330 BC, when Alexander was in Asia and a Macedonian garrison had been stationed in Corinth to safeguard the Isthmus.


Brancaster, West Norfolk, England----Branodunum is one of the eleven forts along the South and East coasts of England known as Saxon Shore Forts. The Romans built these forts during the 3rd century. At first they were used to protect and control shipping and trade around the coast; later they helped repel raiders from across the North Sea. They remained military garrisons for over 150 years before being abandoned when the Roman army withdrew from Britain.

Very moving stained glass window in St Michael's Church. Oxford .England. Commemorating all those who died during 2WW


Panorama Fort Smith, 1922 Courtesy of Chloe Lamon This panorama is a composite done from four prints, possibly copies from the original negative. The point of view appears to be from the top of the old Goldman hotel at Garrison Avenue and North 13th Street. Notice the homes that are still present in the foreground at the east end of the avenue, the building where Cisterna Park is today, the trolley car traveling up the center of the street and all the other elements in this amazing black and…

Clitheroe Castle, Lancashire, England is arguably the smallest Norman keep in England. It is also the only remaining castle in the county which had a royalist garrison during the English Civil War