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Roman empire fell, new tribal group, the Vandals, reached Roman North Africa in the 420s, taking control of Carthage city and provinces that supplied most of western half of empire with corn.

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Not So Garden Variety

more beautiful glass gem corn. why are there so many vibrant colors in a single ear of corn? You don’t usually see flowers of different colors on a single tree. Each kernel is actually a different corn plant (or the seed of one) with a unique mix of genes inherited from its parents. #garden #genetics #corn


Alabaster wall panel; relief; winged protective spirit or apkallu; guarded entrance to king's private quarters; carries goat and giant ear of corn; wears a kilt and embroidered robe and bead necklace; also wears armlets, wristlets with rosettes and sandal


Sculpture of the Maize God with headdress in the form of a stylized ear of corn and hair in the form of the silk of the corn. Date: 600-800. Copán Ruinas, Honduras - Central America