Led by Kurt Cobain with a generally UNKEMPT APPEARANCE and long hair - was just TOO LAZY to shampoo. Grunge fashion consisted of typical OUTDOOR CLOTHING - flannel shirts. Also RIPPED JEANS, DOC MARTENS, COMBAT and HIKING BOOTS, BAND T-SHIRTS, OVERSIZED KNIT SWEATERS, SHORT AND LONG DROOPY SKIRTS, RIPPED TIGHTS, BIRKENSTOCKS. It's against the flashy look of the 80s. In mid-1992, grunge fashion broke into the mainstream for both sexes and peaked in late 1993 and early 1994

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Kate Moss ’90′s Fashion Editorial This is the exact pic that I first saw Kate. I remember being struck hard by her beauty. ive been obsessed ever since, I love u Kate

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In the 90's, the fashion industry pretty much revolved around grunge. I think that it also kept some of the playfulness from the 80's

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