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Earache - Ear Infection #Aromatherpy Ear plug- warm olive oil (1tsp), 3 drops tea tree oil, 2 drops lavender


19 Home Remedies You Won't Believe Actually Work

19 Home Remedies You Won't Believe Actually Work: Have an ear ache? Add a teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide to ear canal. Drain 5-10 after the bubbling stops. Because many infections begin in the ear canal, this can prevent colds from worsening or all together!

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EarAche Gone in a DAY! 2 Kids Tested, Mom Approved!

I want to share a success story of recent ear probs in my daughters, 3 and 6 years of age. Also, myself. Lately, I've been finding Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to be a useful tool. My chickens...

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Home Remedy Infographic For Common Ailments

Home remedies for common ailments 1 - Oatmeal for acne 2 - Garlic for earache 3 - Salt & Pepper for toothache 4 - Coconut oil for dandruff 5 - Salt water for sore throat 6 - Apple cider vinegar for indigestion 7 - Olive oil for constipation 8 - Thyme for coughs 9 - Spiced tea for common cold 10 - Lavender for headaches


Vicks vaporub home remedies

Usage of vicks vaporub. Sore throat, decongestant, coughs, sore muscles, headaches, ear aches, nail fungus, mosquito repellent, itchy bug bite, cracked heels, acne, cold sores

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10 of Mom's Home Remedies That Actually Work

ea salt is naturally antibacterial and the heated salt will help draw moisture and toxins out of the infected ear. What You Need 1 cup coarse sea salt 1 large white sock A rubber band A microwave-safe dish Directions Heat the coarse sea salt in a microwave-safe dish for about three minutes (longer if the salt isn’t hot after three minutes). Fill a large, white sock with the hot salt and tie a knot with the loose end (or use a rubber band). Test the temperature of the sock...