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Gold earrings are a sign of wealth among the Fulanis. They are received by a woman either on the death of her mother or as a gift from her husband who often has to sell cattle to be able to afford them. The top of each earring is bound with red wool or silk to protect the ear, and the blades are incised with patterns, some of flowers, others of cattle. They are usually made of 14k gold.


Premium Ear Protection Muffs for Shooting Range Hunting -...

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Winchester Womens Pink Shooter's Kit With Glasses and Ear Muffs & Range Bag

Women's shooting protection | Winchester Women's Pink Shooter's Kit With Glasses, Range Bag and Ear Muffs

"Get back!" I yelled, tears running down my face as the gun shook in my hand. The figures contorted, growing and twisting every which way. "Robin, put the gun down." One of the figures said in Deans voice. My grip on the gun faltered for a moment. "What are you?" I demanded, my head suddenly feeling too heavy to hold upright. "Robin, it's me." I heard Deans voice again, this time deep and slow. My hand dropped then, too heavy to hold up anymore, and the sound of a shot rang through my ears.


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Gear Test: Electronic Hearing Protection

Gear Test: Electronic Hearing Protection, The Etymotic GunSport Pro electronic earplugs provide most of the benefits of those bulky exterior electronic muffs, but they fit entirely inside your ear.