harpy eagle (harpia harpyja) alternate source for this image :

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I hope everyone has been able to take a peek at this year's Bald Eagle family! Click on LIVE STREAM to watch them. I like to leave the window open in a corner of my desktop...don't want to miss anything! Two of the three eggs have hatched and it was just feeding time...Enjoy!!

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If I could choose a house to be in it would be Ravenclaw...and Gryffindor, of course!! But I'd probably end up in Hufflepuff .

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For My Eagle Glenn. Here's knowing My man's got made he's gone far beyond the day and we who must remain go on living just the same.

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Eagle Live To Ride Ring - Spencer's

Watch the Decorah Eagles! Three eaglets this spring. This is one devoted momma, dad shows up now and then with a meal. Warning: be careful watching close to meal time...yours and theirs!

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An addiction of mine in the spring. So cool to watch these babies hatch and grow up!

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