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"Am I cool now babe?" "No. It made you look hotter and..." "And what?" "More like Leonardo Dicaprio" "Babe..."

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adrian (psychology major) stylish and playful, adrian is the life of the party. he's curious, and can be caring at the most surprising of times.

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I'm Cole my brother is Dylan and Derek *Sighs*Abusive dad mom died of cancer and all that stupid shit. I'm 17.

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Who is this decently attractive man?? Whaaaa! Its Dylan Sprouse from Sweet Life of Zack and Cody.. CRAZY.

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(Fc: Dylan Sprouse) Hey! I am Dylan! I am 18 and single. I have a younger sister named Bailee. If you hurt her I will kill you. I like to think that I am a nice person. I like to skateboard and hangout with my friends!

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Dylan Sprouse in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (2005)

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