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Dwarf Name Generator

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Shrubs for Shady Spots

Landscaping a shady backyard is easy when you choose from a select group of shrubs that excel in low-light situations. Some will even produce colorful and fragrant flowers. Here's a list of some of our favorite shady characters.


The treacherous Knight of the Forest...this is what you shall refer to me as from this point onwards :)


Rune Generator: type your name and see it written in Lord of the Rings Runes! Hobbit, Dwarvish or Elvish! I love the Elvish writing, it's so pretty! :D


Supernova N49 ~There are two common routes to a supernova: either a massive star may run out of fuel, ceasing to generate fusion energy in its core, and collapsing inward under the force of its own gravity to form a neutron star or a black hole; or a white dwarf star may accumulate (accrete) material from a companion star until it reaches a critical mass and undergoes a thermonuclear explosion


Forest Gardening is based on a seven tiered system that mimics the natural tiers of the forest, creating a self-sustaining environment. The diagram to the left represents this system. The tallest layer of growth is the canopy, which contains standard or dwarfed fruit trees. These trees help to "self-water" the entire garden because their deep roots reach far into the earth and tap the spring veins, pumping the water from these depths up towards the roots of the smaller plants

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The hobbit ooak thorin dwarf repaint custom ken doll lord of the rings