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Dwarf Butterfly Bush: Buddleja davidii nanhoensis Similar to B. davidii, but smaller in all its parts. Fast growth to just 3–5 ft. tall and wide, with dark green, pointed leaves. Dense flower clusters in white, deep blue, or reddish purple. Cut back hard before new growth begins in spring.


Hottest Dwarf Plants for the Container Garden: Butterfly Bush 'Buzz'

Great idea: dwarf butterfly bush and it's non-invasive. Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds love it. Looks lovely along a pathway.Win $250 in flowers to make your garden pop with the Proven Winners Dream Garden Sweepstakes #ad


Blue Chip Dwarf Butterfly Bush -- partial shade to full sun. Praised for compact size and sturdiness; said to do well in pots and attracts butterflies.


Magenta Buzz is a remarkable variety of Butterfly Bush that not only possess’ #flowers as large as a full size bush, but does so in a dwarf size. Each long, 6" spike displays a cluster of delicate #magenta blossoms. The amazing floral spikes appear on long branches, reaching up from the mounding #shrub to cascade out for an elegant, arching appearance. The prolific flowers begin in early summer and continue on into early fall for a long-lasting display of dramatic color

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How to Prune a Dwarf Butterfly Bush

How to Prune a Dwarf Butterfly Bush | eHow


Flutterby™ Petite Blue Heaven Dwarf Butterfly Bush

Blue Heaven Flutterby™ Petite Dwarf Butterfly BushBuddleia hybrid 'Podaras Petite Blue Heaven grows tall and wide.  It has a...