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from Budget Savvy Diva

How to Fix a DVD That Skips

Put 4 dots of toothpaste along the back of the DVD. Spread out the dots with your fingers until the toothpaste becomes dry and sticky. Rinse the DVD in warm water, gently rubbing off the toothpaste from centre to outside

from BuzzFeed Community

Community Post: 12 Amazing CD Upcycling Projects

CD/DVD Roofing. Oooh this could be a possibility although not for the bit where the flue comes out...melting point?

from Surviving The Stores™

How To Get Scratches Out Of DVDs/CDs: Bananas? Toothpaste? Wax? Which Methods Really Work?

Can bananas get scratches out of DVDs & CDs? What about Armor All? Scratch Out that you use for cars? Find out which method works best to get your movies and CDs working again!!

from Apartment Therapy

How To Remove DVD Scratches With a Banana — Home Hacks

This actually works really well! I'm now watching parts of my movie that I had never seen before because of scratches.

from Knowledge Weighs Nothing

How To Remove Scratches From CDs & DVDs

Wow this actually works! I had a CD from when I was in college that got scratched and would get stuck on the third track. I watched this video and thought it was worth a go. I can now listen to this CD for the first time in 15+ years... Loads of the kids...